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We don't just make power tools! We produce unique and innovative power tools to make your work easy and exciting. Why would a woodworker in the 21st century be confined to a room just because that's their workstation or have to pull along long power cables to power their tools as they work outside? That's so old-school!

To improve your woodwork creativity and skills, you need a good attitude towards woodwork and regular practice. Your attitude towards woodwork depends on how much you enjoy it, which significantly relies on your toolset. Same with regular woodworking practice. Your toolset should make woodworking enjoyable and easy, creating a passion and enabling you to explore different creative ideas.

We have redesigned and redeveloped our tools, improving their quality, efficiency, and flexibility, making woodwork easy and enjoyable. Our latest product, the Doer Compact Tool Shed, is a 12-functions-in-one-box that comes with 23 pieces of equipment, ensuring that you have all the tools needed for your work, including a workstation. The DOER Compact Tool Shed allows you to carry all your equipment, perfectly fitted into one kit, to the location you wish to do your work, even in the woods or fields, completely  off-grid.

The different tools in the DOER Compact Tool Shed offer you a wide variety to choose the right tool for each of your activities. You do not have to struggle using the wrong tool, complicating simple tasks, because DOER offers you the right tools, ensuring that you can easily create your abstract ideas into actual objects. With DOER, you have a table saw; thus, you do not have to struggle using a circular saw for activities meant for a table saw. So too with the scroll saw, jigsaw, and the other equipment in the DOER kit.

Should you wish to join the growing team of woodworkers enjoying DOER's efficiency, flexibility, convenience, and ease of doing their projects, kindly make an order of any of our products on our website

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